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Two Roads Converged in a Wood

Nestled in the piney woods of East Texas, Marshall has strategic importance at the crossroads of two major thoroughfares, I-20 & US Hwy 59.

As development continues on the I-69 interstate corridor, gradually replacing the existing US Hwy 59 right of way, Marshall is realizing its importance as a hub for transport out of Mexico, the Port of Houston, and other major markets across the country at this vital intersection with I-20, one of the most traveled interstate systems (I-10 / I-20) running across the Southern USA from coast to coast.




 Highlights of Marshall Location

  • Intersection of I-20 & Hwy 59
  • 2 hours from Dallas
  • 3 hours from Houston
  • Mexico to Canada via routes from Hwy 59
  • East Coast to West Coast on I-20/I-10
  • High ground along roadways
  • Central E/W location within the US
  • Lower development & property costs
  • Water, sewer, gas, electric, fiber optic at interstate
  • Industrial and commercial zoned areas

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To learn more about development of the I-69 system, click here...


Crossroads of Commerce

Interstate 20:

I-20 carries the majority of transport from the Dallas Fort Worth metro to the South Eastern United States.  Marshall is located 2 hours from Dallas, TX and 1 hour from Shreveport, LA along this interstate.  I-20 intersects 7 of the 10 primary north-south interstate routes and covers 1,535 miles.  The other 3 routes intersect I-10 moving westward to Los Angeles after I-20 joins it. These systems combined link the East and West Coasts.


US Highway 59:

US 59 links Mexico to Canada and has been a border-to-border route since the 1930s.  Now US 59 connects Mexico through Houston to many improved interstates destined for major northern US and Canadian cities.  It is an integral part of the NAFTA Corridor Highway System.  US 59 is part of the Future I-69 Corridor, more specifically as it passes through Marshall it will be known as I-69 West or I-369.  Marshall is located 3 hours north from Houston, TX and 1 hour south from Texarkana, TX along this highway.  It is a major transport vein for oversea cargo from the Port of Houston and for international truck cargo crossing the Mexican border in Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville.  Along the route from Texas to Minnesota, US 59 intersects numerous major east-west interstate routes destined for all regions of the United States with major traffic headed toward cities including Little Rock, Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and Minneapolis.



Interstate 69 & the Trans-Texas Corridor:

I-69 is a proposed national interstate nicknamed the NAFTA Superhighway that stretches from the Mexican border in Texas to the Canadian border in Michigan.

The interstate is being constructed in segments.  The portion within Texas is known as the Trans-Texas Corridor.  Several segments within the Texas corridor have been constructed or are currently in construction.  Others are awaiting official designation from the Federal Highway Administration. Others are still in the project development phase or are awaiting construction as funding becomes available and relief routes are planned.  Improvements are being made in a series of small, local-level projects to improve existing highway sections to interstate quality.

Three branches, including the existing US 59, extend from the Mexican border and unite at I-69, which will follow the existing US 59 corridor to Houston and then north to US Highway 84, 45 miles south of Marshall.  The central portion of I-69 is then planned to move into Louisiana, through a course to be determined by officials in Louisiana that may require new highway construction.  It then proceeds up the corridor to Michigan.  

The continuance of the Texas route, known as I-69 West or I-369, will begin at Hwy 84 and Hwy 59.  It travels along existing roadway north to Marshall, across I-20, and then on to I-30.  The existing roadway is a great advantage to Texas and Marshall as it follows the basic course of roadway already built, diverting slightly for new road construction to accommodate city relief routes.  Learn more about I-69 and the Trans-Texas Corridor...

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