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Skilled Workforce

The laborshed of Marshall, TX has a civilian labor force of approximately 350,000 within a 45-minute drive time of Marshall.  If expanded to a 60-minute drive time, the number is over 500,000. 

It is unique for a town Marshall's size to host 2 four-year universities, a junior college, and a state technical college.  Learn more about these institutions and their specialized training creating a skilled workforce pipeline here.

Employers have a diverse workforce to choose from, with workers specializing in a number of disciplines ranging from cyber security to welding and from business administration to biomedical research.   

As skills demanded by regional employers change, the skills of our workforce are changing too.


Laborshed Demographics

Laborshed Industry Snapshot

Laborshed Occupation Snapshot

Unemployment Rate Past 2 Yrs (Harrison County)

Historic Unemployment Rate  (Harrison County)

Texas Workforce Commission Data



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