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Rasa Floors, MEDCO celebrate groundbreaking

Marshall Economic Development Corporation and Michael and Debbie Rasa celebrated their collaboration on Wednesday with the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Rasa Floors location in Marshall.

Rasa Floors, a company that installs carpet, tile and vinyl flooring in multi-family housing units across Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, hopes to have its 12th and newest location open in Marshall, in the Gateway Business Park, off U.S. 59 near I-20, by August.

The company has pledged to hire about 20 to 30 new employees from branch and operations managers, to sales representatives, warehouse personnel and installation crews.


“We want to thank everyone from MEDCO who has been super gracious working with all of us at Rasa Floors,” Michael Rasa said. “We recently celebrated this past weekend the 25th anniversary of Rasa Floors — we started the organization in 1994 — and we are extremely blessed to have grown the organization to what we are today with some 450 families that are our team members, employees and installation crews throughout Texas and Oklahoma.”

Rasa said his decision to go with Marshall for his newest location was largely due to cooperation from MEDCO.

“We reached out to Marshall and met Donna Maisel and the experience we have had here has been extremely positive and we are very thankful and gracious and feel lucky to be able to connect with a community that has the same values and belief systems that we have in our organization,” Rasa said. “We think today is the start of a long term partnership and the foundation of a long term relationship between Marshall and the Rasa family.”

The 2.7 acres lot in Gateway Business Park will house Rasa Floors’ new building which will consist of an almost 8,000 sq. ft. facility that will include a warehouse and offices.

Those interested in applying for a position at the new facility should visit the company’s website at www.rasafloors.com.

Rasa said he believes Marshall is the perfect location to expand his company due in part to its location.

“This is the perfect location. It allows us to serve all the way up to Texarkana, Tyler, Shreveport and beyond,” he said. “We first got into the floor business in 1984 when we started selling carpet to apartment complexes and we did that for 10 years before we decided to create a new kind of company and start Rasa Floors. We wanted to start a company with a unique customer service experience where we stayed open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and were open on Saturdays. We also provide same day or next day service and we primarily serve multi-family housing units like apartments and rental homes.”

Rasa said he believes God had a hand in the placing of his newest location in Marshall.

“We weren’t always believers and it was about a third of the way through our journey in our business that we realized we needed God as the center of our life, our business and our marriage and we felt called to communicate that to all of our employees and subcontractors and vendors and suppliers,” Rasa said. “We believe God had his hand in this whole thing here in Marshall.”

The company even employs 18 chaplains on staff at its locations who provide counseling, wedding services, funeral services, grief counseling, financial counseling and jail counseling free of charge to employees, Rasa said.

“This is a big part of our culture here at Rasa Floors,” Rasa said.

The building permits have submitted and construction on the new Marshall location is set to start any day, Rasa said.

Source:  Marshall News Messenger