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New Online tool launched by Marshall EDC

Marshall Economic Development Corporation (Marshall EDC) is adding a new online community data and property portal to its website for public use.  The user friendly, online portal, ZoomProspector from GIS Planning, displays regional economic and demographic data, including workforce, population, wages, consumer spending, educational awards, and other attributes by area.

New and existing businesses look at these regional factors when making investment decisions for relocation, growth, or expansion.  Additionally, all area data and business properties displayed are accessible to local, state, and national site selectors, businesses, and community stakeholders.


Timely Regional & Local Information

The user-friendly Marshall EDC ZoomProspector tool integrates mass volumes of data on demographic and community characteristics from public and private sources to display it visually on a map, in charts, and infographics.  Public users can easily review the profile of a selected region without extensive research.

“What might have taken a few days or more to research, gather, input, verify, and compare, can be done in a few minutes with this product,” said Rush Harris, CEcD, Director of Business Services with Marshall EDC.  Automation by a certified 3rd party data provider allows more time to be spent on analysis and planning rather than data collection.”

The mobile-friendly portal is free for any business, school, or individual to use.  Data is provided for many economic and demographic topics down to the zip code and census block level.

“This is an excellent tool to identify and emphasize the assets Marshall and our region can offer to businesses across the nation,” said Donna Maisel, CEcD, Executive Director of Marshall EDC.  “It also provides a community research tool that can be used by a number of sectors such as government, health, education, non-profits, and social workers, amongst others.”


Highlighting Local Properties at a Larger Level

ZoomProspector also makes it simple for brokers to upload and manage their own non-residential properties in Harrison County.  Each property for sale or lease can be uploaded, edited, and removed by brokers themselves after establishing a free account to display on the portal through Marshall EDC.  Photos and brochures can be added.

Properties uploaded by brokers to the EDC portal are then automatically loaded onto national zoomprospector.com search platform for visibility to a much wider audience. 

Properties may be commercial, office, industrial, retail, health, land, or other non-residential use.  There are no fees to display properties. This new data portal will help potential investors looking into the region do the research they need to choose their best location.

Brokers should see the marshalledc.org website for more detail or contact Rush Harris, (903) 934-8035 with any questions.


Community Visibility

Companies and site selectors utilize online data for their initial research of a community.  Information must be up to date, accurate, easy to navigate, digitally accessible, and professional. 

“Market research shows that more than 98% of site selectors and businesses research location data online, often before contacting economic development organizations”, said Pablo Monzon, Managing Director and Co-Founder of GIS Planning.

ZoomProspector provides updated information in a professional format that companies and site selectors are accustomed to using.  The goal of its use is to make more community data freely accessible to community stakeholders and to promote more properties to existing businesses and outside investors.


Source:  Marshall News Messenger