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New Marshall business expands services prior to opening

When walking into the newly acquired 670,000 square foot facility, formerly owned by Celebrating Home, Hardware Distribution Warehouses Inc. President and CEO Kenneth Beauvais serendipitously found a machine left behind that would help change and alter the direction of his company as it settled into its new headquarters in Marshall.

“One of the favorite pictures I have was texted to me from Mr. Beauvais who texted me a picture of what I call, ‘the monster,’” HDW Vice president Jimmy Horne said of the HP Hewlett flat bed printer capable of printing items up to 4-feet by 8-feet up to three inches thick.

“The company has always had internal production. The company has always been able to produce documents and magazines for our sales force and dealers. We’ve had programs before where our dealer could order signage— but (the signage) was not (produced) by us,” Horne said. “What this has done is allow us to step up our production.

“The biggest reason we kept this is because all of our dealers have signs and we have 2,000 dealers,” Horne said. “Now we can create their aisle signs for them. In other words, when you walk into a hardware store and you want to see where their plumbing is and you want to see where there electrical is, if you look up you’ll see aisle signs everywhere. Now, we’ll have the capability of creating aisle signs for our dealers.”

But, Horne added, the example is only the tip of the iceberg as HDW’s print shop will cater to businesses,

offering a variety of products from signs to magazines to business cards.

“Going forward, once we get in here and get settled, we’re going to begin doing commercial printing,” Horne said.

“(This) is an additional way we can provide a service to the community,” Beauvais said. “It is a natural offering that can happen because we have the production capabilities to be able to do so.”

Beauvais said in addition to adding new services, HDW has been renovating its facility since July 24, laying 7,5000 square feet of concrete for outside area storage and outfitting its receiving facility with pallet conveyors.

Beauvais said HDW, formerly headquartered in Shreveport before securing its Marshall location in May, is also still accepting employee applications at this time.

“The hiring phase has now begun in earnest. We are especially looking for drivers.

The position is one that they would be home everyweekend and usually every other night of the week,”Beauvais said, adding

HDW is guaranteeing experienced CDL drivers a minimum $42,000 salary.

The company will also introduce a training program with limited positions that start at a lower guarantee but allows drivers to gain experience.

HDW currently employs 350 people countrywide. Beauvais said the Marshall headquarters expects to hire about 50 new people from the community, not counting 12 additional truck-driving positions.

Beauvais said because HDW is still moving into its Marshall location, new hire drivers will not be driving immediately. However, Beauvais said, that does not mean they will be without work.

“I don’t have work for (newly hired drivers) yet, because we’re still in transition, But we would find them another job in company. We would put them to work in a training capacity up until our operational date. We know good people are hard to come by so if we have qualified applicants — they can go to work for us almost immediately.”

Beauvais said he expects HDW’s Marshall location to be operational between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15.

In addition to CDL drivers, HDW is currently hiring for receiving staff, inventory control, accounts payable, product buyer, forklift operators and traffic coordinator. To apply visit www.hdwinc.com or apply in person at 2938 Brown Road.


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