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Marshall EDC unveils Gateway Park project

Forty-five acres of land is now available for industry after the Marshall Economic Development Corporation unveiled the completed Gateway Park project Tuesday.

The event was a ribbon cutting ceremony to showcase the shovel ready acreage for industry at Interstate 20 and U.S. Hwy 59.

Executive Director Donna Maisel said that the project began in 2009 when Marshall EDC purchased the 63 acres of land for $1 million.


Construction on the project began in 2011 with phase one when Davis Chemical services LLC selected a five acre greenfield site on the property.

“The goal of the directors at the time was to stimulate growth in the corridor, improve property values and assist companies with retention and expansion, and furthering local employment,” Maisel said.

Maisel said that during phase one Marshall EDC contributed $287,500 to clear and develop the five acre site and install adequate utilities to the site off of Martin Lake Road.

The new owner of the land later purchased and adapted four additional acres on the property.

Phase two began in 2012 with the construction of a portion of Gateway Park Drive. Marshall EDC contributed $404,381 to the roads construction.


The final phase of the project began in 2018 according to Maisel with the complete engineering and construction of all dirtwork to rough grade, installation of major utilities and final construction of the second segment of Gateway Park Drive.

“Gateway Park was designed for industry distribution and manufacturing prospects requiring large building footprints and quick access to interstate,” Maisel said.

Representatives from the EDC Board of Directors, City of Marshall, Harrison County, and State of Texas, as well as participating contractors and engineers attended the event.

“We are extremely proud of our past and present, forward-thinking board members and community leaders who helped develop Gateway Park,” Maisel said.


Source:  Marshall News Messenger