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Gateway Park is Site Ready

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 3, 2019


Donna Maisel, CEcD
Executive Director
Marshall Economic Development Corporation
(903) 934-8035


Gateway Park is Site Ready

Marshall EDC, government leaders, & the Marshall community celebrate a milestone


Marshall, Texas:  Marshall Economic Development Corporation (Marshall EDC) held the Gateway Park Completion Ceremony on December 3, 2019 from 12:30 PM – to 1:00 PM.  The event was attended by the EDC Board of Directors; City, County, and State officials; contractors and engineers involved with final construction; and the general public.  The brief ceremony was led by Donna Maisel, CEcD, Executive Director of Marshall EDC.  Gateway Park is an EDC project 10 years in the making.


Marshall EDC originally purchased 63 acres of land in the fall of 2009.  Aside from a 26,000 SF building formerly used as the John Deere dealership, the land was undeveloped and lacked utilities. It was the vision of the EDC Board of Directors to develop acreage along the US Hwy 59 and I-20 corridor. The goal of the directors at the time was to stimulate growth in the corridor, improve property values, and assist companies with retention, expansion, and furthering local employment.  Beginning in 2011 is when everything began to change.  An initial prospect moved onto 5 acres of the formerly wooded area.  Marshall EDC assisted with land clearing, extension of utilities, and development of a rough grade pad site. 


In 2012, it became obvious that a roadway would be necessary to develop out the park.  That spring, permission was granted by the City of Marshall for Marshall EDC to expend its own funds to build the initial segment of concrete roadway off US Highway 59.  By fall, after its completion, the property was officially named Gateway Park.   The existing tenant thereafter acquired 4 additional acres for private development in 2013. 


By 2018, Marshall EDC worked with local officials, utilities, site consultants, and civil engineers to present a development plan to complete phase II of the park and compete with other municipalities.  Many communities already have site ready locations where a potential prospective business could make minor modifications and begin their own vertical construction within 30 to 180 days.  It is not uncommon for engineering alone to take 180 days.  With this in mind, final plans were drawn, construction was implemented, and approximately 45 site ready acres are now available for new business or expansions.


Donna Maisel, CEcD, Executive Director of Marshall EDC commented:

“We are extremely proud of our past and present, forward-thinking board members and community leaders who helped develop Gateway Park.  What once was an underutilized tract of land has been converted to a top tier environment for business development.  It takes some courage, endurance, and political will to make this type of large, yet prudent strategic investment; however, the results of proper planning pay off multiple times over in the long-term.  Land values alone have increase over 900% on some currently occupied lots since 2010.  That figure does not include new capital improvements like offices, warehouses, and equipment.  Not only does development make our community more competitive for outside investment, it also helps grow our tax base and local employment.  We certainly expect this development to spur additional interest, not only in this park, but also in privately owned properties within the I-20 & US Hwy 59 corridor.”





About Marshall Economic Development Corporation: Marshall Economic Development Corporation, or Marshall EDC, is a Type A 501 (c)(3) non-profit economic development corporation and works to develop relationships with new and existing business within the statutory scope of the Development Act of 1979.  Marshall EDC was established by Resolution of the City Commission of Marshall, Texas on April 25, 1991 to act as an instrument of the City of Marshall in the promotion and assisting of industrial and manufacturing businesses to relocate to Marshall, Texas and Harrison County and the expansion of existing local businesses, so as to eliminate unemployment and underemployment through primary jobs.