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Economic Growth Leaders

                Since its foundation, Marshall Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has been fortunate to have many strong leaders who have dedicated their time and effort to making Marshall a better place to live.  Like many community organizations, these citizens serve on a completely volunteer basis.  The Marshall EDC Board is comprised of five directors.  A board director is limited to 2 consecutive terms of 3 years each at which time they must end their service.  Directors may also be asked to fill an unexpired term.

Marshall EDC is a working board and training is required.  Directors will be called to at least 1 board meeting per month and quite often more.  Meetings are generally 2-3 hours long.  Regular meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 3:00 pm.  The nature of prospect development lends itself to special called meetings sometimes with only 72-hour notice.  Availability becomes essential as quorums are required to meet and vote, and prospects often don’t have time to wait.  Additionally, directors serve on at least one internal committee, meeting monthly or more often as necessary.  Directors will also be asked to attend City Commission meetings when Marshall EDC is on the agenda as commission approval is required for any project involving $50,000 or more.  On average, the expectation is that a director will dedicate 14 hours per month to Marshall EDC activities.

Business, industry, budgetary, and financial experience are key characteristics sought out by Marshall EDC.  Agreements for economic development assistance can be quite complex.  It is important to understand the net effects on the tax base of any action.  Each director is expected to possess the business expertise and discernment to make wise decisions on behalf of the community they represent.  Each decision is predicated upon what is gained for Marshall versus what is being spent.

Directors are the public face of Marshall EDC.  As such they are required to understand and support the purpose and goals of a Type A EDC as established by statute in the Development Act of 1979, further regulated in the Local Government Code, voted upon by the citizens of Marshall, and established by Resolution of the City Commission of Marshall.  Directors must understand, accept, and acknowledge and EDC Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest Statement, Confidentiality Guidelines, and General Operating Principles.  Directors must support economic growth and primary jobs.

Marshall EDC is comprised of leaders who have the experience, influence, judgement, and time to dedicate toward growing Marshall economically under the guidelines prescribed by the State of Texas in a manner which best represents all citizens.  The application and responsibilities for the board of directors may also be found at www.marshalledc.org/staff-and-board.  Applicants submissions are reviewed by Marshall EDC staff and directors.  Formal interviews with staff and/or board representatives are required.  After candidates are vetted and approved by Marshall EDC, they are presented for consideration of final approval to the Marshall City Commission. 

*Those who feel they fit the above description and want to make a difference are encouraged to contact Donna Maisel, Executive Director of Marshall EDC, (903) 934-8035, for more information.