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Communication is Key : Wiley College

FOR RELEASE ON:  December 21, 2019

Donna Maisel, CEcD
Marshall Economic Development Corporation
(903) 934-8035



Marshall EDC contributes to Wiley College Mass Communications program


Marshall, Texas:  Marshall Economic Development Corporation (Marshall EDC) announced it has secured a grant agreement with Wiley College, for partial funding of workforce training equipment within the Wiley College Mass Communications Training Program.  Marshall EDC has approved an allocation of $100,000 toward the purchase of communications technology training equipment to be located at Fred Thomas Long Student Union Building. 


Wiley College is currently making significant renovations and expansions that will continue into 2019, with planned capital investment of over $1.1 million.  Additionally, 3 new instructors will be hired.  Marshall EDC will provide funding for the equipment as invoiced documentation is provided. 


Marshall EDC unanimously approved the expenditure of $100,000 on November 28, 2018.  The expense of Marshall EDC funds in an amount over $50,000 for a project requires approval of the Marshall City Commission, which was granted unanimously by the Commission on December 13, 2018.


The technology equipment will allow students to gain advanced skills in the communications field and assist in upgrading KBWC 91.1, the campus radio station.  Access to quality equipment, software, and relevant training establish the necessary foundation to produce skilled students ready for the workforce from which they may grow their career.  As Wiley College continues improvement to campus facilities and infrastructure over the next several years, they plan to utilize local resources and contractors when possible, thereby providing additional benefits to the local economy.   


Dr. Herman J. Felton, Jr., President of Wiley College commented:


"As Wiley College continues to grow and attract more students, our facilities and resources must be technologically advanced and innovative to properly train and prepare them to competently enter the workforce. We are thankful to Donna Maisel and MEDCO for bringing the enthusiasm and support to enable our students to learn in an environment conducive to yielding success."


Donna Maisel, CEcD, Executive Director of Marshall EDC commented:


“The Marshall EDC Board of Directors understands the historic, present, and future importance of Wiley College in our community as a catalyst for change.  Assistance that Marshall EDC can provide for our institutions of higher education to foster and facilitate workforce development will pay dividends in our community over the long-term.  One of the core focuses of Marshall EDC, is the development of an advanced-level skilled workforce.  These advanced skills are what employers look for and promote the type of jobs which increase our citizens’ potential to earn more, contribute more, and provide growth to our local economy.”


Wiley College first broadcast from its local radio station in 1977 and received a permanent license from the FCC to broadcast in 1978 via KBWC 91.1.  KBWC was chosen as an acronym for “Keep Building Wiley College”.  Dr. Herman J. Felton, Jr., President of Wiley College, began his tenure in July 2018 and has been actively making improvements ever since.  These efforts will expand both the reach of the college and the reach of student potential.  Marshall EDC is thankful for Dr. Felton’s leadership and applauds his endeavors to advance skills training and infrastructure.



About Wiley College:  Wiley College is a four-year, privately-supported HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), located in Marshall, Texas.  Founded in 1873, Wiley College holds distinction as one of the oldest historically black colleges west of the Mississippi River.

Wiley College has expanded its reach to over 17 disciplines offering both associate and bachelor’s degrees to its student body.  Offerings include natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, business, technology, and education.

For additional information visit www.wileyc.edu. Go Forth Inspired.


About Marshall Economic Development Corporation: Marshall Economic Development Corporation, or MEDCO, is a Type A 501 (c)(3) non-profit economic development corporation and works to develop relationships with new and existing business within the statutory scope of the Development Act of 1979.  MEDCO was established by Resolution of the City Commission of Marshall, Texas on April 25, 1991 to act as an instrument of the City of Marshall in the promotion and assisting of industrial and manufacturing businesses to relocate to Marshall, Texas and Harrison County and the expansion of existing local businesses, so as to eliminate unemployment and underemployment through primary jobs. For additional information visit www.marshalledc.org.