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Advanced Infrastructure : Upgrading Communications in Marshall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 27, 2018

Donna Maisel
Marshall Economic Development Corporation
(903) 934-8035



Marshall EDC works with Industry, Government, & Service Providers to Upgrade Fiber


Marshall, Texas:  Marshall Economic Development Corporation (Marshall EDC) is pleased to announce it has secured an agreement with Network Communications to install fiber optic cable along Highway 31 and Airport Road.  Network Communications will provide up to 10Gb service from the intersection of East Travis Street and Indian Springs Road continuing along Elysian Fields Avenue (Highway 31) to Airport Road.  From Airport Road the fiber will continue to the Harrison County Airport and then terminate along Warren Drive at the City of Marshall’s Airport Park.  This new installation serves to upgrade existing communication services for those along the route with fiber for several private industrial customers as well as properties owned by Harrison County and the City of Marshall.  A total capital investment of more than $100,000 will be required for the construction to commence in October 2018.  Marshall EDC and Network Communications will bear the burden of capital costs as Network Communications recoups costs through services provided to new customers.  The project is expected to be fully online by December 2018. 


Marshall EDC became aware of the need for faster and more reliable internet through site visits with industries engaged in Marshall EDC’s Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) program.  Thereafter, Marshall EDC consulted with Keith Lloyd, General Manager of Network Communications, and it became evident that other businesses and local government might benefit from this fiber expansion effort.  Melissa Haynes, Account Manager at Network Communications, led business development efforts to successfully engage others along the route.


“Network Communications seeks to solve business problems for our customers and remove barriers to their success.  Lack of availability of high-speed bandwidth is one of those barriers that is being torn down for Marshall through partnerships like this”, said Keith Lloyd.


Harrison County Judge Hugh Taylor commented,


“Harrison County is excited and thankful for MEDCO and Network Communications for allowing us to be a participant in the fiber optic cable project.  It is a win-win-win situation for the County.  It allows Harrison County to better serve our facilities on Warren Drive such as the Airport, Willoughby Juvenile Center, and the future use of the ARC property.  County facilities will better serve the clientele because of the enhanced services they will receive.  And finally, the people of Harrison County benefit from the enhanced services not only from economic growth but also from savings to the taxpayers.”


This collaboration of efforts and partnership between Marshall EDC, private industry, Harrison County, and the City of Marshall is an expansion effort led by Marshall EDC to improve communications infrastructure in Marshall and offset capital costs for any one party.


Jeff Kroyer, Senior Vice President of Operations at Republic Elite commented,


“We are extremely pleased to see this project happening, it is something we discussed with Network Communications when we partnered with them several years ago. In addition to the increased use of technology and data requirements in general, our communication and data needs have continued to grow as our business has grown. Having the network infrastructure and the customer service all provided by the same locally owned company is a great win for us.”


Kroyer continued, “The collaborative efforts of MEDCO and the businesses in our community have once again helped both private businesses and the community as a whole. We are appreciative of everyone who has worked on this project.”


In 2011, Marshall EDC led a similar fiber expansion effort in the Marshall Business Park to serve new and existing businesses.  This time, there are more partners.  The City of Marshall and Harrison County will substantially benefit as well, in their operations with this modernization effort. 


Marshall EDC Executive Director, Donna Maisel, CEcD stated,


“New and expanding businesses require and demand modern communications.  This collective partnership is an example of how Marshall EDC works with the private and public sectors.  By addressing critical individual issues through proactive communication and collaboration, a common goal can be accomplished to enhance economic growth.”


With the forthcoming addition of Interstate 369 along the eastern edge of Marshall, staged development of utilities, such as this project, not only help existing businesses, but also provide a feasible pathway to leverage new growth and maximize the highest and best use of developable property.




About Network Communications:  Network Communications is a locally owned and operated premier telecommunications services provider.  Network Communications designs, develops, and creates complete, end-to-end customer-centric solutions utilizing advanced phone, high-speed Internet and telecommunication services for business clients throughout East Texas and Northeast Louisiana.


About Republic Elite:  Republic Elite represents the coming together of two of the most trusted names in multifamily interiors: cabinet pioneer Republic Industries and countertop expert Elite Multifamily Interiors.  Together, they have more than 50 years of experience designing, producing, and installing multifamily kitchens and bathrooms. With a cabinet manufacturing facility in East Texas, a Design Center and Showroom located just outside of Dallas, and an integrated team of granite, quartz, and marble suppliers, Republic Elite is uniquely qualified to offer turn-key, customized solutions for multifamily interiors.


About Harrison County, Texas:  Harrison County is located in northeastern Texas along the Louisiana border.  The county is governed by the Commissioner’s Court, comprised of elected officials from 4 precincts and a County Judge.  As of the 2010 census, the population of the county was 65,631.


About City of Marshall, Texas:  Marshall, Texas is the county seat of Harrison County and is located at the approximate geographic center of the county.  The municipal government of Marshall is known as a council-manager type of government.  The City Commission is comprised of seven elected commissioners, each elected from their respective district of Marshall.  As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 23,523.


About Marshall Economic Development Corporation: Marshall Economic Development Corporation, or Marshall EDC, is a Type A 501 (c)(3) non-profit economic development corporation and works to develop relationships with new and existing business within the statutory scope of the Development Act of 1979.  Marshall EDC was established by Resolution of the City Commission of Marshall, Texas on April 25, 1991 to act as an instrument of the City of Marshall in the promotion and assisting of industrial and manufacturing businesses to relocate to Marshall, Texas and Harrison County and the expansion of existing local businesses, so as to eliminate unemployment and underemployment through primary jobs.



1st row seated from left to right:

Matt Cason (Installation Supervisor, Network Communications); Larry Hurta (Mayor, City of Marshall); Jerry Benson (Chairman; Marshall EDC); Judge Hugh Taylor (County Judge, Harrison County); Jeff Kroyer (Senior VP Operations, Republic Elite)


2nd row standing from left to right:

Joseph Hammerick (Engineer, Network Communications); Charles Nenninger (IT Director, Harrison County); Melissa Haynes (Account Manager, Network Communications); Rush Harris (Director of Business Services, Marshall EDC); Brenda Brown (Director, Marshall EDC); Hal Cornish (Secretary-Treasurer, Marshall EDC); Donna Maisel, CEcD (Executive Director, Marshall, EDC); Jeremy Spears (Director, Marshall EDC); Ed Hoffman (Director, Marshall EDC); and Paul Paschal (IT Manager, Republic Elite)