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Natural Resources

Natural Resources

East Texas is an area rich in natural resources both above and below ground.  Abundant lignite and petroleum extraction has provided employment for decades and a platform upon which to diversify.  Due to the proximity of the source, businesses enjoy lower electricity rates than in many parts of Texas.  Pirkey Power plant lies 15 miles from Marshall.  It is served by the North American Coal Corporation's Sabine Mining Company.  

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon operates another mine where instead of burning the lignite as a source of energy, they activate the carbon to act as a sponge in removing impurities from water sources and mercury from coal-fired utilities.

East Texas has long been a hotbed for oil and gas production.  The natural gas found in the Marshall area is being used increasingly for power plant production, providing an alternative or additive fuel to coal and lignite.  Marshall, like the State of Texas, has been working to diversify its economy to avoid cyclical downturns in petroleum prices.  While we've opened the doors to other industries, we respect the pivotal place of the petroleum industry in our community and the benefits it presents both in employment and energy production.


Fresh water sources and wooded forests prevail throughout Harrison County.  These resources provide jobs, ample water, and building materials for new homes and industry.  Fortunately they also provide a great deal of scenery and recreational opportunities.  

Sportsmen and conservationist from around the world come to Caddo Lake, the largest naturally formed lake in Texas lying just 20 miles north of Marshall, for its wildlife and history.  It's been the scenic backdrop for many film productions and in 1993 was declared the 13th US wetland site of international importance under the Ramsar convention by the United Nations.  Caddo Lake is an example of the delicate balance the community has managed among pursuits of economic development, utilization of a vital resource, conservation of wildlife habitat, and preservation of a natural wonder.

For more information on Caddo Lake, see the video below or go to tourism on the Links page.





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Natural Resources