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We are your advocate for business and industry in Marshall with a focus on primary job retention & expansion.

  • I’m very glad to see that MEDCO is not only seeking out new businesses to locate to Marshall, they are now striving to help existing businesses expand. As a manufacturer in Marshall for over 58 years, that means a lot.
    Steve Lewis
  • The number one benefit of ELTEC being located in Marshall is the community. The size of Marshall allows you to be active and know your community and meet people in a way not possible in larger cities. These local people provide a greater quality of life and a supportive business environment. An advantage of having a business in Marshall to me has always been the location. It’s on two main thoroughfares which has always been beneficial to us with shipping products. You also have large regional pools of potential workers to pull from for staffing an organization in both Shreveport and Longview.
    April Spears
    CEO & President
  • Their Staff [Marshall EDC] has always gone the extra mile in helping Master WoodCraft expand their business. Marshall is pro-business and Marshall EDC has always been very helpful in creating new jobs for our area. We plan to continue to expand the Marshall operation with the new ownership.
    Mark Trexler
    CEO & President
  • In past years several of our executives had come from Texas, so we were familiar with what it has to offer and positively inclined toward the state in general... Initially we were looking at a wide variety of Texas cities, but Marshall and MEDCO really stood for how proactive and supportive they were, and are.
    Ross Bott
  • MEDCO’s assistance has enabled Republic to make the necessary capital improvements for expansion that would have been much more difficult during the time when the economy was coming out of a recession. It ensured that the company could invest in the plant to become more efficient in operations which in turn helped fuel more growth, allowed for higher competitive wages and a bonus program for employees.
    Jeff Kroyer
    Senior Vice President, Operations

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