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We are your advocate for business and industry in Marshall with a focus on primary job retention & expansion.

  • What is great about this expansion … is we will continue to produce the products we currently make here in Marshall – we'll just be making a lot more of it. It's not just the building and the infrastructure and equipment. Just as important is the talent and skills of the workforce.
    Jerry Zurovchak
    Chief Transformation Officer
    General Cable
  • Marshall is a very family oriented city providing a great place to live and raise a family, Our employees are very hard working and dedicated employees. We have found the labor force to be large and trainable.
    Ronald Snider
    Snider Industries, LLP
  • Marshall has been a good location from a distribution standpoint and enjoys close proximity to Shreveport with good interstate access to Dallas. From a cost effective manufacturing standpoint, I would grade Marshall very high, and competitive with any US location.
    Paul White
    President & CEO (Former)
    Woodlawn Manufacturing

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